Testing & Balancing

Testing and Balancing has been the core business of Australian Balancing Company since 1971.

Australian Balancing Company achieved Associated Air Balance Council accreditation in 1988. AABC is the world’s leading association of professional, independent, test and balance agencies. AABC certification is a quality stamp of a company’s abilities, working to standards that are internationally recognised and accepted.

Facilities Management

Australian Balancing Company has been providing the full range of facilities management services to the Australasian market since the late 1970s both at a strategic and an operational level. Key clients have included P&O Facilities Management and Spotless Facilities Management.

Commissioning and HOTO

ABC specialises in Green Star Commissioning and Hand Over-Take Over (HOTO) of commercial buildings and data centres. Commissioning (Green Star, retro or otherwise) is the process of setting to operation all equipment associated with the provision of air conditioning and services to a building in accordance with design standards; and gauged against their actual performance. This includes pumps, air conditioning units, coils, water flow rates etc.

Engineering services systems for data centres require tight coordination between the trades, special consideration for redundancy and reliability, and carefully scripted commissioning of systems.

Compared to office facilities, the risk of failure in data centres is compounded by several issues:

  1. With high density loads the time for recovery from equipment or system failure is much shorter.
  2. The cost of failure is much higher; and
  3. As loads may cluster within any groups of racks, redundancy must be provided in the "downstream" distribution system as well as the central plant.

Contractors' project teams understand the critical inter-relationships between engineering services systems and the building structure, architecture and fit out.

"Hand Over–Take Over" or HOTO means the commissioning process is interwoven with the overall project delivery process including planning, design, construction and post-construction stages.

The process is equally as important for office buildings as data centres. Long term savings add value.


Identify commissioning team stakeholders
Define project requirements
Develop preliminary Commissioning Plan and overall hand over – take over ("HOTO") process

Incorporate commissioning requirements into scope of works
Retain services of Independent Commissioning Agent for
Review project requirements and basis of design
Participate in concept, design development and design reviews
Refine commissioning plan and HOTO process
Contract documents aligned with project requirements

Review tender responses for performance requirements
Develop and implement construction checklists
Oversee and document functional performance testing
Hold regular commissioning meetings and report progress
Hand over commissioning documentation

Perform any agreed deferred or seasonal testing requirements
Re-inspect/review performance before end of warranty period
Complete final commissioning report

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